Nabanita De, Microsoft Student Partner at UMass Amherst, presenting a workshop on using Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning to build predictive models.


Interested in Machine learning but donot want to spend countless hours, writing code to clean and visualise data & train large datasets? Come attend our first talk of the Semester on Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio, which is a collaborative, drag-and-drop tool you can use to build, test, and deploy predictive analytics solutions on your data. Machine Learning Studio publishes models as web services that can easily be consumed by custom apps or BI tools such as Excel. Machine Learning Studio is where data science, predictive analytics, cloud resources, and your data meet.

This would form a major tool in one of our upcoming hackathons, so if you arent well versed with this tool or if coding is not your strongest point or if you want to build deployable machine learning models fast, dont miss this talk.

Event in collaboration with MSP and GRiD.